Aaron Williams Salary Cap Page

Aaron Williams

Position: CB

APY: $6,501,961
Salary Rank: 14/303

Age: 24     Height: 6' 0"     Weight: 199
College: Texas     Accrued Seasons: 3
League Entry: 2011 NFL Draft, Round 2, Pick 34 (Bills)

S Aaron Williams signed a four year contract extension worth $26,007,844 with the Buffalo Bills on March 5, 2014. Williams received $8.5 million in full guarantees upon signing. His signing bonus is $6.5 million and his 2014 base salary is also fully guaranteed. In 2015, Williams will either receive a $4.5 million option bonus or his salary in 2015 will escalate by $4.5 million if the option is not exercised. The 2015 salary and option value are guaranteed for injury only. Williams can earn roster bonuses of $1 million in 2016 and $500,000 in both 2017 and 2018. The contract also contains yearly $100,000 workout bonuses. Base salaries of the contract are $2,250,000(2014), $1,375,000(2015), $2,575,000(2016), $3,600,000(2017), and $3,800,000(2018). Dead money is shown based on the assumption that the option is exercised in 2015.
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